Environment day – time to make a change

Recently, on the 5th of June, most of us took to social media to post about Environment Day: talking about saving the earth, reducing pollution, protecting wildlife etc., but considering the havoc of social media it can be assumed that these statuses could just be an outcome of our pretentiousness. Putting out a story on … Continue reading Environment day – time to make a change

What I discovered about menstrual cups?

Hey! Are you struggling with the rashes from the plastic pads? Are you afraid to get toxic shock syndrome from tampons? Are you unable to wear your best dresses because of the pad? Are you tired of changing the pad after every 6 hours? Are you worried about the plastic waste that you are contributing … Continue reading What I discovered about menstrual cups?

How to manage stress?

All of us have to agree to this that on a daily basis we are regularly dealing with stress, yes, we do. To manage stress the most important thing is to recognise stress but how do we do that? Stress gives you certain signs which may vary from person to person, it can be a … Continue reading How to manage stress?

Nutritional requirement of adolescent girls

Adolescence is a crucial time for the growth and development of individuals. This is the time when the body is going through major physical, hormonal and mental changes and at this point, a proper diet plays a crucial role in the growth and development as well as prevention of future health issues. Especially for girls, … Continue reading Nutritional requirement of adolescent girls