Managing Stress – My Story

Have you ever woken up with a sense of worthlessness, like you are failing everyone around you? Although, every aspect of your life is shining, have you ever felt like it is all going in vain? When you are enjoying your work, your family is with you, and importantly, everyone is safe; have you still … Continue reading Managing Stress – My Story

How to manage stress?

All of us have to agree to this that on a daily basis we are regularly dealing with stress, yes, we do. To manage stress the most important thing is to recognise stress but how do we do that? Stress gives you certain signs which may vary from person to person, it can be a … Continue reading How to manage stress?

Morning pages

Does this happen to you that soon as you wake up in the morning your mind is flooded with thoughts about tasks that you want to complete in a day or the previous day's arguments with colleagues or your future goals or the excitement of meeting a friend or maybe sadness of following the same … Continue reading Morning pages